Signature Program

The Mighty Kings of PHG, a signature mentorship program of The PinkHouse Group, launched on September 2, 2020 which focuses on mentoring and developing homeless males between the ages of 15 and 24. The program is developed and led by Andre Butler, Sakeem Gourdine, and Eddie Hall who all had to overcome some harsh challenges in life as young men which fueled their passion to give back.

They recognized that the homeless youth may not have the strength, support and vision to overcome their challenges, as they were afforded, so Andre, Sakeem and Eddie decided collectively that they wanted to start a program that was a two-fold process:

"Extend a hand to start uplifting the youth and Give something that no matter how much of it you spend you can’t get it back --- which is “Time”.



The PHG Mighty Kings First Event

The Mighty Kings First Event – October 24, 2020 The PHG team met with four males from Sasha Bruce (Ed’s location). The theme of the day was “In the Driver’s Seat”. The PHG team introduced themselves and shared their personal stories of challenges that they dealt with as young men. They highlighted how they were able to learn from those challenges and get in the driver’s seat to take control of their lives and get back on track.


PHG Mighty Kings and 1824 Catering special delivery of Thanksgiving dinner 2020 to the Kids at Promise Place in the DMV.

Future Outings

  • Keep Your Eye on the Prize, the topic of this outing will be (Focus) and its importance.

  • Take Out the Trash - The topic of this outing will be removing things of no value from your life and will be held at a local park.

  • The participants will also giveback to the community by picking up trash at the parks as team building exercises.

  • Many of the outings were restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic and governmental restrictions.

  • Please contact us at the below if you would like to find out more! 

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